PGE Park

formerly known as Civic Stadium (-2000)

April 13, 2003/Autograph session with Brady Anderson in the middle April 13, 2003/Bullpen April 13, 2003/Behind the scoreboard April 13, 2003/PGE April 13, 2003/For soccer April 13, 2003/For baseball/ April 13, 2003/Boomer Beaver April 13, 2003/Suite April 13, 2003/MAX runs on the 18th Ave. April 13, 2003/Tucson Sidewinders 5-7 Portland Beavers
April 12, 2003/Appearance April 12, 2003/18th Ave. April 12, 2003/From 18th Ave./You can see a game for free! April 12, 2003/Behind Home Plate April 12, 2003/From first base side April 12, 2003/From right field/ April 12, 2003/From third base side April 12, 2003/From left field April 12, 2003/From center field April 12, 2003/Visitor team's bullpen April 12, 2003/Home team's bullpen April 12, 2003/Chris Donnels, who played in Japan for the Kintetsu Buffaloes and the Orix BlueWave April 12, 2003/Brady Anderson April 12, 2003/Brady Anderson April 12, 2003/Sumo? April 12, 2003/Tucson Sidewinders 4-9 Portland Beavers
August 3, 1999/Appearance/Everet Aquasox (Seattle A Affiliate) vs Portland Rockies August 3, 1999/From third base side August 3, 1999/From first base side August 3, 1999/¶—ƒŒã•û‚ð‚·‚®SW 18th Ave.‚ª‘–‚é

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